Celebrating the 29th Edition of The Fashion Award
Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds! The Fashion Award, brought to you by Mittelmoda, is the ultimate battleground for fashion visionaries and the next generation of style icons from every corner of the globe.
This international fashion competition is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of daring designs and limitless imagination.

The Quest for the Finest Shirt: And the Winner Is…
We’re ecstatic to unveil the name that’s set to redefine fashion excellence: Angelique Keizia from Indonesia’s prestigious Raffles Design Institute!
We were especially wowed by her vision, leaving no doubt that she deserved the “FINEST SHIRT” designer award with her unique and dazzling proposal that sparked our own creativity.

Lighting the Path for Young Designers
At Mittelmoda, we believe in nurturing raw talent and fostering the next generation of fashion designers. By offering this prestigious award, we’re not just recognizing talent, we’re elevating it.

Join us in championing these young designers as they embark on a journey to reshape the world of fashion with their creativity.